3 Things You Must Know About Photo Rejuvenation

Can you think of a single person who doesn’t want their skin to look and feel rejuvenated? We can’t, and that’s because the appearance of your skin makes a huge first impression. One of our most popular skin treatments is our photo rejuvenation treatment, also known as IPL.
IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light and is a facial rejuvenation treatment that uses light to target the damaged skin cells that cause discoloration occurring in sun-damaged or aging skin. We get a lot of questions about photo rejuvenation and there are a few great benefits that we find ourselves repeating over and over again.

There’s No Downtime
While IPL is often thought to be laser treatment, it’s technically not. And for that reason the treatment, unlike powerful peels, requires no downtime. You can walk right out of the treatment room and into dinner with your friends without the embarrassing peeling skin that other such powerful treatments cause. Sometimes patients experience temporary redness, but more often than not they report facial skin that feels plumper and brighter than before.

It’s important to note that even though there is no downtime required after this treatment, you should stay out of the sun or wear plenty of sunscreen afterward to prevent further damage.

Perfect For Florida Faces
There are so many benefits to living in Florida. Weather that is gentle on your skin is not one of them. Our mostly sunny year-round weather is excellent for perfecting your golf game, but not great for protecting the delicate skin on your face. Photo rejuvenation treatments are well known for fighting back against signs of aging and refreshing the appearance of sun-damaged skin.

Extended exposure to UV rays actually damages the elastic fibers in your skin and leaves behind wrinkles and brown spots. IPL treatments seek out, heat, and destroy those brown spots leaving behind fresh, healthy skin.

It’s All Natural
On occasion we have patients come in who are resistant to any of our surgical treatments or injectables. While we stand by the effectiveness and safety of these treatments we understand the resistance. For those patients, Photo rejuvenation is an ideal alternative. Using only your own skin and waves of light the procedure is non-invasive and highly effective. If you’re not ready to commit to any of our more permanent interventions, this is an excellent place to start.

It’s virtually impossible to move through the world, avoiding the elements that cause signs of aging to appear on your face. Residents of sunny Florida are particularly prone to sun damage due to the amount of time each year we are exposed to direct sun. If you’re looking for just the right way to combat many years of exposure with little to no downtime, Photo rejuvenation may be the treatment for you. For more information about this treatment or any of our others, please call us today.