5 Things You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

If you haven’t undergone laser treatments before, then you might have some misconceptions about it. To help clear those up, here are five things that you should know about laser hair removal.
1. It’s Not As Painful As You Think
Waxing isn’t the most pleasant experience, although you do get used to it over time. You might be thinking that laser treatment must be even worse. I mean, you’re blasting your skin with high-powered lasers, right? How could it not be painful? This idea is what keeps many from giving laser hair treatments a try.

Well, much like waxing, it does involve some discomfort. The good news is that it’s not nearly as bad as you would imagine. Depending on the area being treated, it might end up being significantly less painful than waxing. Most patients describe the feeling as tiny pinpricks on the skin. It’s not necessarily enjoyable, but you won’t be in blinding pain either.

2. It’s More Affordable Than Ever
You may be holding on to the outdated idea that laser hair removal is prohibitively expensive. That may have been true a few decades ago when the technology was still new, but these days it’s actually very affordable.

There’s one more thing to take into consideration. After a certain number of treatments, most of the hair will be permanently removed. That means no more buying razors. No more waxing. No more time spent shaving. You can’t discount the amount of time and money that you spend doing things the old fashioned way. If you add it all up, then laser treatments are actually one of the most affordable hair removal options around.

3. There Will Be A Recovery Period
Laser treatments can take as little as 10 minutes, but you’ll need a little downtime after your treatment. That’s because the heat from the lasers used can remain in your skin for up to 24 hours. So, don’t plan on going to the gym or taking any hot showers after your treatment. Just head home, give yourself the afternoon off, and take it easy. That doesn’t sound so bad, right?

4. Laser Treatments Treat Ingrown Hairs As Well
Ingrown hairs. We’ve all had to deal with them. They’re ugly, painful, and they’re not going anywhere as long as you have hair. Fortunately, laser treatment can help you deal with ingrown hairs as well. Not only does it remove current ingrown hairs, it also prevents them from developing in the future by removing the very source of the problem.

5. It’s Not Right For Everyone
Laser hair removal is a fantastic treatment. With that said, it’s not right for everyone. It works best on those with dark hair and light skin. If you have very dark skin or very light hair, then it won’t be as effective. To find out whether the treatment is really right for you, it’s best to get in touch with a licensed cosmetic surgeon.

Hopefully, you have a better idea of what laser hair removal is all about now. If you’re looking for more information about, then you should talk to an experienced cosmetic surgeon. Dr. DeMercurio has many years of experience performing laser hair treatments. Please, contact us at The Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery today to find out whether this procedure is right for you.