Behind The Hype: Here’s What You Need to Know About A Brazilian Butt Lift

Every so often, we hear a buzz of excitement from our patients about a brand new plastic surgery treatment or procedure. Sometimes, however,  the hype is around a surgery that’s been available for a long time but is suddenly gaining significant mainstream traction. The Brazilian Butt Lift is a fat grafting procedure that was created in Brazing in 1960. In the 80s, the surgery became more widely available, and interest in the butt lift has exploded these days.

Over the decades, we see an ebb and flow in what qualifies as the ideal female body. For some time in the 90s and early 2000s, a waifish thin appearance was popular with everyone, from runway models to pop stars. Today, women are embracing a curvier, more voluptuous appearance. We love to see women embracing their bodies no matter what shape they come in.

While we never know what the next trend in body contouring will bring, we feel confident the butt lift is here to stay. So many women express feeling confident and beautiful in their own skin with a simple addition of a few extra curves.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

The question you’re all wondering now is, what exactly is the Brazilian Butt Lift? It’s an innovative fat grafting surgery that removes fat from one area in a patient’s body through a liposuction procedure and then implants that fat into the patient’s buttocks. The use of a patient’s own fat creates a soft, natural appearance and is preferable to some patients who are unsure about using implants in their bodies.

Who is an ideal candidate?

A couple of factors make someone a good candidate for the Brazilian Butt Lift. First and foremost, you must have adequate fat in another area of your body that could be removed and then implanted into the buttock. And the skin on your hips and buttocks should be in good condition to receive more fat without overstretching. Remember that this procedure uses your own fat, so patients are unlikely to get an extreme or dramatic result.

What Can I Expect?

Most patients report easy recovery from their butt lift surgery. One thing to note anytime you’re having surgery on your backside is that your doctor will recommend you not sit down for an extended period, and you will be asked to stand or lay on your side or stomach for at least two weeks after your surgery to make sure you don’t inhibit blood flow, which could damage your new fat cells.

Once your fat cells are acclimated to their new location in your body, they will remain there, strong and healthy for years. Of course, like any other plastic surgery, your results could be impacted by significant changes in your body shape. You should avoid extreme weight loss or gain to maintain the integrity of your results.

It can take up to six months for swelling to go away after a butt lift, but the more time you put into your healing, the more you’ll enjoy long-lasting positive results. There is no better bang for your buck than removing unwanted fat from one place and using it to plump another area of your body.

Our core mission is to provide services that help our patients feel proud of their appearance and comfortable in their bodies. Our patients routinely report feeling more confident in their clothing and more willing to bravely put themselves into the world. Enjoy your summer by the pool with your new, voluptuous backside. If you’d like to learn more about this or any other of our procedures, contact our office today.