Brazilian Butt Lifts: How to Ensure You Have a Safe Procedure

It wasn’t that long ago that ultra-thin models were all the rage and people did everything they could to appear as long and slender as possible. But, as with most things, our collective taste has evolved, and these days, both men and women are fascinated with trying to achieve plumper, curvier rear ends. For some, a habit of regular exercise helps immediately plump up their bottom, but many others need a little more help than they can get from mother nature. Thanks to advancements in modern medicine, we have a safe and effective tool at our disposal called the Brazilian Butt Lift

What Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

The purpose of the butt lift is to give your buttocks a lifted appearance without including some of the elements of the arm, leg, or breast lifts where excess skin tissue is removed, and muscles are adjusted. The only two elements in Brazilian Butt Lifts are liposuction and augmentation. 

The procedure begins when the patient is put under anesthesia, and the surgeon uses liposuction to remove excess fat from other areas of the body. Once the fat is suctioned out of the body, it is processed and clarified. Then after the liposuction portion of the procedure is over, the fat is returned to the body via a series of small, intentionally placed injections. This creates a lovely and natural sculpted appearance. In some cases, a portion of the transferred fat may not take to the relocation. In this case, the surgeon will monitor the patient and develop reasonable solutions to ensure that your goals and expectations are met.

The Brazilian butt lift is an excellent way to solve two problems simultaneously. You have unwanted fat removed from some regions of the body and reused elsewhere. Butt lifts are a great surgery for people who want to see a change in their appearance that’s dramatic yet still safe and natural looking.

While we talk about the ease and effectiveness of this procedure, it’s important to note that any such surgery must be done under the supervision of a licensed medical doctor. We are saddened to see the rise in illegal and dangerous procedures instead of the safe and legal medical procedures offered at practices like ours. Butt injections have become increasingly popular and can have dangerous and unsuccessful results. Before you consider any enhancement procedure, we urge you to ensure that the practitioner is licensed and the practice is legal. If you’ve made a poor choice, there may be things we can do to help, but it’s much easier to avoid the risk in the first place.

What Makes A Plastic Surgery Procedure Safe?

First and foremost, you should always make sure that your plastic surgeon or whoever is injecting anything into your body is (or is supervised by) a licensed medical doctor. We will continue to harp on this for as long as necessary. There are, unfortunately, too many people in the world who are overconfident under-informed, and willing to put your body and your life at risk by providing illegal cosmetic procedures. Any reputable plastic surgeon would be more than willing to show you their licensure to ensure that you’re confident in your investment.

It’s also worth your time to ensure that your plastic surgeon has experience in the procedure you’re hiring them for. Our office has decades of experience treating women across central Florida, especially in Ormond Beach. If you’re curious to know more about our experience providing Brazilian butt lifts to women in this community, just ask. We’d be happy to provide you with whatever information will make you comfortable.

Finally, remember that the Brazilian butt lift is a surgical procedure and should be performed in a clean, safe environment. If you’re considering a procedure you realize will be performed in someone’s home or any other questionable, unsanitary workspace, you are just asking for trouble. Any office or surgical suite where a clinician will perform plastic surgery should be clean and safe.

Over the years, the Ormond Beach community has welcomed us with open arms, and we have had the great pleasure of serving them and making them feel even more comfortable in their skin. It devastates us to see anyone settling for receiving unsafe and illegal treatments. It is not worth the convenience or the savings. Before you consider any buttock enhancing procedures outside of a medical office, please visit us for a free consultation to learn more about how we can help you achieve the look you want safely and comfortably.

If you’d like to learn more about Dr. DeMercurio and his licensure and experience, we invite you to visit our website here. For more information about how we can serve you, call our office today.