Why You Should Choose Laser Hair Removal Over The Alternatives

Women can spend up to 1,728 hours of their life shaving their legs. That’s just your legs. Imagine if you could spend all of those hours with family or friends or doing something that you really want to do rather than something that you just feel obligated to do. That’s why many women choose to have their hair professionally removed using alternative methods such as wax or laser removal.
Yes, there are many methods of professional hair removal, but here are a few reasons why you should go with laser hair removal over the other alternatives.

1. It’s Extremely Precise
Laser removal is extremely precise and targets hair down to the follicle. This makes it a great choice for small areas such as the upper lip or the small of the back. Laser removal is also less prone to missing spots. Even a thorough waxing session can leave some stray hairs here or there.

2. It’s A Long-Term Solution
With laser hair treatments you can achieve long-term hair removal. This is because it targets the root of the follicle with a highly focused beam of light, discouraging new hair growth. Alternatives like waxing require continuous treatments because the hair quickly grows back. Typically, you only get around two weeks or so of smooth skin with waxing and you won’t be able to wax the area again until it has grown back sufficiently.

3. It’s Less Painful
Waxing removes hair by ripping it out and as you know this can be quite painful. Women who undergo laser hair removal only experience mild pain, like that of a pinprick. This pain is short-lived and will fade quickly.

4. It’s Cheaper
Although individual laser treatments usually cost more than waxing, laser hair removal can completely remove hair follicles after a few treatments. Women who regularly wax can spend as much as $15,000 over 20 years while women who get laser treatments only spend around $5,000.

5. There’s No Risk Of Ingrown Hairs
With waxing and shaving, the risk of painful ingrown hairs is always there. This is not the case with laser treatments. In fact, laser treatments have even been shown to treat ingrown hairs and prevent them from developing in the future.

6. It’s More Time-Efficient
Even factoring in multiple initial treatments and yearly touch ups, laser hair removal can save you quite a bit of time. In fact, with laser treatment, you can expect to spend as little as an hour a year on hair removal once your initial treatments are out of the way.

Laser hair removal is the cheapest, most effective way of managing unwanted hair, but there is one catch. When done wrong it can lead to burning, scarring, or depigmented skin. That said, as long as you find a licensed cosmetic surgeon who has experience and training in providing laser treatments, the results will speak for themselves.

Are you looking for an experienced cosmetic surgeon to perform your laser hair removal? Dr. DeMercurio has many years of experience performing laser hair treatments and is held in very high regard by his current and former clients. Please, contact us at The Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery today to find out whether this procedure is right for you.