3 Reasons Dr. DeMercurio is a Top Choice for Plastic Surgery in Ormond Beach

Choosing the right doctor can feel like an overwhelming task. You want the best person for the job but also someone who will make you feel comfortable and who you can trust in the long run. It seems like a wide swath of traits to get right in your search. This is especially true when choosing a plastic surgeon whom you’ll trust with your well-being and appearance.

A good relationship with your surgeon is vital. Some surgeons you may never see again, but the right plastic surgeon becomes a part of your care team, recommending skin care regimens and nonsurgical treatments, and keeping you up to date on all the advances in the field. There are three criteria the best plastic surgeons should meet, and you’ll see pretty quickly that Dr. DeMercurio exceeds all of them.

Excellent Professional Qualifications
You wouldn’t hire a dentist to perform a knee replacement, so why work with a plastic surgeon without direct experience in the surgery you want? Dr. DeMercurio has extensive education in medicine and in various kinds of surgeries, including a prestigious fellowship at Baylor College of Medicine. Plus, he has hands-on experience helping patients in our office achieve their ideal results. His education and experience contribute to his strong reputation for being one of the top surgeons in the area. When choosing a doctor, we always recommend you research their background and ask around your community for recommendations. Over the years, Dr. Demercurio has built a very positive reputation, and now many of our new patients come to us by word of mouth from our very happy patients.

The Environment They Foster
When you entrust your body to a doctor, you want to know you will have a good experience. Surgeons are the leaders of their practices, and when they foster a positive environment, their patients feel it. At Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery, our patients feel confident, safe, and supported by our team, largely because Dr. DeMercurio cultivates a safe and supportive environment. We strive to make our facilities modern, clean, and beautiful so that you feel comfortable and happy to be there. Let your intuition be your guide the moment you walk into a plastic surgery office. You’ll be amazed at how the physical and interpersonal environment contributes to your overall comfort.

Your Relationship With The Doctor
Finally, the most valuable factor in choosing the right plastic surgery office is finding a doctor with whom you can cultivate a positive relationship. Patients put a lot of trust in their surgeons, and you want that person to be someone who makes you feel comfortable, sees your potential, and works to help you achieve your best self. Dr. DeMercurio is known for his excellent bedside manner. Patients travel far and wide to see him because they know they’ll get the best quality treatment from a doctor who really cares. We regularly receive feedback about how positive a patient feels about their experience based on the time they spent with him. But don’t take our word for it. The best way to determine if a specific doctor will be a good fit for you is to schedule a consultation and meet them face-to-face.

Dr. DeMeruciro has long been one of the most celebrated plastic surgeons in central Florida, and the factors listed above are just some of the reasons why. If you are in the market for a cosmetic procedure or would like to learn more about our services, we urge you to schedule a time to come visit our office to learn more. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation.