Neck Lift

Don’t let a double chin get you down. A neck lift will restore your neck’s youthful profile.

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Aging can be tough on your skin. Factors like sun exposure, weight loss or gain, and genetics may cause your skin to become less elastic over time leading to what some people lovingly call the turkey wattle. Thankfully, we have a procedure that can help you put an end to this problem! A neck lift is the perfect plastic surgery for people who want a more youthful look but aren’t ready for the commitment of a full face lift. When your profile appears lifted and slender, your face looks younger and brighter. Our neck lift patients are always amazed at how youthful they look after one simple surgery.

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Dr. Demercurio will make a small incision behind each ear and into your hairline. Then, depending upon the results you’re looking for he will lift skin, remove fat, and tighten muscles and connective tissue before closing up your incisions.
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It’s important to remember that every patient’s recovery is unique. The first day after a neck lift can be challenging because your doctor will ask you to remain upright and bandaged. After that the recovery is smooth sailing.
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There is no better way to achieve the youthful jawline contour than with a neck lift. This miracle surgery creates minimal scarring, has a short recovery period, and you will look amazing when it’s all said and done!
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