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Refresh your bust with breast implant removal or replacement.

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Breast implants are not meant to last for ever. On average, they last 10-15 years. After that they are more susceptible to leakage which may pose health risks depending upon which type of implant you have. Some patients have their implants removed because they are ready for life without implants, others simply want their implants refreshed for another decade. Implant removal and replacement is a normal maintenance procedure for any person with breast implants. If you’re ready to refresh your look, or take care of your old, outdated implants, we’re here to help!

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During this procedure, Dr. Demercurio removes the old implants as well as any scar tissue. He can then either replace your implant or perform a breast lift to compensate for the change in your breast shape and size.
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Your recovery will depend upon what type of surgery you get and will vary from person to person. The recovery will be approximately one to three months and will be similar to your original breast implant recovery.
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There are so many upsides to getting a breast implant removal or replacement. Whether removing old, potentially unsafe implants, or simply updating your look, we love to see our patients happy and healthy.
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