Breast Lift

Do your breasts look older than you feel? Return their youthful bounce with a breast lift.

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Your body has served you well through some of life’s most exciting seasons. You may have given birth to and breastfed your children, gained and lost weight, had a career, or trained for marathons, and your body was present each step of the way. The downside to living such a beautiful life is the unavoidable wear and tear it can take on your body, particularly your bust. The tender skin on your breasts stretches easily to compensate for changes in your body and once its stretched out may not bounce back so easily. The breast lift is a surgical procedure that lifts your bust back into place and makes you feel young and beautiful in your skin again.

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You’ll be resting soundly under general anesthesia while Dr. Demercurio performs your breast lift. During the surgery he will lift and reshape your breast tissue and remove any excess skin leaving much firmer, perkier breasts.
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Recovery windows vary from person to person, but we see patients return to work within two weeks, and back to their normal routine within six weeks. Our team will guide you through your recovery.
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There is nothing better than looking in the mirror to see a body that you love looking back. A breast lift is the perfect procedure for women who have done all the right things and need a little help getting their body back.
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