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Want to get bikini ready this year? Tummy tuck surgery is the perfect thing for you.

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Life can take a toll on our bodies. Weight gain and loss, pregnancy, sun exposure, and age are just a few of the lifestyle factors that may cause your belly skin to become loose and sagging. Unfortunately, once skin is stretched out it can’t be repaired, but thanks to the tummy tuck surgery it can be removed! And, there’s more good news. The tummy tuck isn’t just for looks. During the procedure Dr. DeMercurio can also repair your weakened abdominal muscles which may improve posture and flexibility and strengthen your core. Upgrade your appearance and your quality of life with one simple yet remarkable surgery.

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During a tummy tuck, Dr. DeMercurio removes unwanted skin and fat from the patient’s midsection. Then, he repairs the muscles beneath and tightens the remaining skin to create a beautiful flat tummy.
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Along with the fantastic results of your tummy tuck will come some serious recovery time. Most patients will continue to see swelling from their surgery for up to three months afterwards.
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There is no better way to achieve the flat, strong belly you’ve been working so hard for than with a tummy tuck. While the recovery may seem long, the results are well worth the wait!
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