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Is your face starting to look older than you feel? A face lift will make you glow.

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You deserve to look bright and fresh even as you age, and we have just the procedure to help you. The face lift is one of the most popular plastic surgeries in the world because it’s so successful at addressing the natural results of aging. A face lift can’t change the shape of your face, but it can work to correct signs of aging like a sagging neck, double chin, and drooping jowls. Dr. Demercurio works with each patient to design a face lift that meets their individual needs and gives them a long-lasting transformation. You don’t have to give into the inevitability of aging. With an excellent surgeon by your side, you can take control of your appearance.

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Every face lift begins with general anesthesia. Then, once you drift gently off to sleep, Dr. Demercurio will begin the procedure which takes up to three hours. At the end, you can go home and recover in the comfort of your own bed.
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Each face lift recovery varies depending on the patient’s needs. On average, patients recover within 4-6 weeks. If you’re hoping for a very quick recovery, our mini-lift may be preferable to a traditional face lift.
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A face lift is the best way to address loose skin around your face. Even the best creams and potions on the market can’t beat the surgical approach. We love to see face lift patients regain their confidence and love the way they look.
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