3 Reasons To Choose Dr. DeMercurio For Plastic Surgery in Central Florida

You make many decisions in your life, from what to eat for each meal to which roads you’ll take to and from work each day. Choosing medical care is one of the most important decisions you’ll ever make. There are a lot of factors that go into determining the right doctors for you. We all have our individual preferences, but if you look hard enough, there is a doctor that is the right fit for each of us. When selecting a doctor to perform surgical procedures on you, the stakes grow even higher. We know our patients consider many factors when they choose to work with Dr. DeMercurio for their plastic surgery needs. Here are some of the most common things that lead patients to choose our office.

1. Extensive Experience

Dr. DeMercurio has extensive educational and hands-on experience in plastic surgery, from receiving multiple degrees to a comprehensive general surgery residence and his plastic surgery fellowship at Detroit Medical Center. Dr. DeMercurio has seen it all and honed his skills along the way. In addition to years of training, he has given presentations on some of his specialty procedures, like breast reconstruction, body contouring, and face rejuvenation. There is nothing more valuable to a surgeon than experience in the field, and Dr. DeMercurio has plenty of that.

How To Learn More About Your Doctor’s Experience

You may be wondering how to determine your doctor’s level of experience. You can do a couple of different things, starting with a check of their website. As you will see on our website, we have a thorough bio of Dr. DeMercurio for your review. If a doctor you are interested in learning more about does not have that information available publicly, you should feel comfortable calling their office for more details.

2. Excellent Results

While it’s extremely valuable to know how much and what type of experience a plastic surgeon has, it’s essential that you have the opportunity to see their results in real life. Before hiring any service provider, you’d want to see examples of their work to decide whether they’re the right fit for you, and the same goes for plastic surgery. Dr. DeMercurio has a strong reputation in Central Florida for creating excellent results for his patients.

How To See Your Doctor’s Results

When looking for samples of a plastic surgeon’s results, begin with a review of their website. On our website, you’ll find before and after pictures of many of our most common procedures. You may just ask a plastic surgeon’s office for examples of their work if you cannot find them publicly available. There’s no better example of someone’s work than real-time proof of the great work they’ve done for someone else.

3. A Comfortable Rapport

You are putting your body in the hands of your plastic surgeon, and you must be able to work with someone with whom you can have a good rapport. You don’t want to dread going to your appointments or wonder how seriously your plastic surgeon takes your case. Developing a good relationship with any doctor is key to your comfort and confidence in the service being provided to you. In our office, a strong rapport with Dr. DeMercurio is something patients rave about most. And a good rapport goes beyond your relationship with the doctor. Our team is comprised of compassionate, professional people who are here to help ensure you get the service you need at every point in the process.

How To Find a Plastic Surgeon You Will Feel Comfortable With

One of the things we are most proud of is our ability to develop comfortable and professional relationships with our patients. A great way to determine the type of environment a plastic surgery office has is to speak with other patients of that doctor. As you begin the process of finding the right plastic surgery practice for you, ask around friends, family, or other members of your community who have had successful surgeries. Positive referrals from people you trust are always a great place to start.

It’s important to remember that you are on a journey to find the right plastic surgeon. You don’t have to figure it out in one day. Take your time, research, ask around, and schedule a consultation with a doctor to see how comfortable you feel in their office. You won’t hurt anyone’s feelings if you choose one doctor over another. What’s most important in this process is finding someone you can be comfortable around and ultimately getting the best results possible.

What You Can Expect From Dr. DeMercurio

We are proud to call ourselves specialists at Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. We don’t perform every surgery under the sun; instead, we focus on areas of excellence that make a significant impact for our patients. We treat patients in four primary categories the face, breasts, body, and non-surgical procedures. For more information about the treatments we offer. Please review the extensive details listed on our website.

Our goal is to help more people fall in love with how their bodies look and feel. If you’re in the market for a plastic surgeon that can help you achieve your desired physical appearance, call our office today. We would love to get to know you and give you the opportunity to decide for yourself if Dr. DeMercurio is the right plastic surgeon for you.