4 Reasons Why More Men in Ormond Beach are Choosing Cosmetic Procedures in 2022

The world around us has changed significantly over the last couple of years as we have collectively battled against the COVID-19 pandemic. However, one thing that hasn’t changed is the public interest in plastic surgery. Patients are going to their plastic surgeons’ offices at an even higher rate than they were pre-pandemic. One thing that may surprise you is to know that men have become increasingly more interested in plastic surgery. Many reasons could point to this change in the culture and increased male willingness to invest their appearances. Here are a few things we think are making a difference for male cosmetic patients in Ormond Beach.

1. Cosmetic Procedures Are Generally Less Stigmatized

Thankfully, cosmetic procedures are less stigmatized today than ever before. This is not just in reference to men’s participation; women also feel freer to undergo treatments without concerns about judgment from others in their lives. This change in perception has cracked the door open to allow men to participate more freely. We expect to see this trend continue with more men choosing cosmetic procedures in the coming years.

2. Men Want To Look Younger Too

It only makes sense that men are just as interested in looking younger as women are. Both men and women desire to look more youthful to stay competitive in a professional market. This is particularly true in fields like tech and design, where people often associate youth with being forward-thinking and progressive.

3. The Social Media Effect

Men, it turns out, are just as susceptible to pressures from constant exposure to other people’s lives on social media. The “dadbod” has gained popularity over the years. However, more and more men are showing interest in sculpting their bodies and their faces to present a physical appearance that matches how they feel internally.

4. Work From Home Culture 

Our work from home culture has had varying effects on men’s interest in plastic surgery. First, men and women both have spent a significant amount of time in the past couple of years staring at their faces on computer screens as they participate in zoom calls from home or the office. For some men, this is the first time they’ve spent this much time looking at themselves, and it may have piqued a desire to edit their appearance.

We also see that plenty of men have previously been open to the concept of cosmetic procedures but haven’t had the downtime required to enable them to have a discrete recovery. Working from home during the pandemic has given many male and female patients the space and privacy to elect for procedures without exposing themselves to public feedback.

Like any other medical treatment, cosmetic procedures are personal and individual, and the reasons people choose them vary. You may be interested to know what types of cosmetic procedures are popular for male patients. Just bear in mind that this list only includes the procedures offered in our practice, and it’s not comprehensive.

Facial Procedures Men Are Choosing

One of the easiest ways to achieve a more youthful appearance is to make slight adjustments to a patient’s face. In this age of virtual meetings and social media, we’ve seen a considerable increase in men who are interested in achieving a more youthful appearance by undergoing eyelid lifts and facelifts. These procedures increase youthfulness by reducing excess skin and sagging in targeted areas. But, surgeries are not the only way to achieve this, and they’re not the only thing men are choosing. Non-surgical fillers have also become highly popular amongst our male patients as they are a simple, outpatient way to look younger and more refined without the commitment of surgery. This is especially helpful for men who may have a mental block against plastic surgery.

Body Procedures Men Are Choosing

The “Covid 15” is more than just a funny joke. It’s the reality of many of our lives. Since the pandemic’s beginning, many people, even in a community as active as Ormond Beach, have experienced some weight gain. Reports show that people gained an average of 2 pounds a week for at least a month in some areas of the country. Weight gain like this is very normal in people experiencing prolonged stress. Now, as we are coming out of the pandemic and many of us are getting our lives back to normal, people are desperate to get back to a body shape that makes them feel good about themselves.

Tummy tuck and liposuction are go-to surgeries for people who want to adjust their physical appearance and improve their self-esteem. But you may be surprised to know that many men are also electing for breast reduction surgeries. We often think of breast surgeries as only an option for women with substantial breast tissue. However, it is common for men who have gained weight to gain it in their chest area in such a fashion that makes it appear to be breast tissue. This can be embarrassing and may keep men from enjoying their lives. For that reason, we’ve seen an uptick in breast reduction surgeries for men and have overall seen very positive results.

We are proud to be working members of the Ormond Beach community and thrilled to say that we’ve been able to help many local men and women feel more attractive and more confident in their bodies and with their faces thanks to the procedures that we offer. If you or a man in your life are interested in learning more, we hope you contact our office today.