6 Tips For Making The Most Of Your Body Sculpting Procedure

Body sculpting, also known as non-invasive body contouring, is a way of dealing with stubborn fatty tissue. As its name implies, it is a non-surgical procedure with a quick recovery period. This makes it an excellent choice for those who are unable or unwilling to undergo surgical fat removal.
Here are 6 tips for making the most of this procedure:

1. Do Your Research
Are you sure body sculpting is the right procedure for you? Before committing to anything, make sure you know exactly what you’re getting into. Research the different types of body contouring procedures, what they are best at, and what the potential risks are. The best way to do this is to consult with a licensed plastic surgeon. They will be able to go over your individual needs and guide you towards achieving your goals in the best way possible.

2. Don’t Compromise
Body sculpting performed by an experienced plastic surgeon is going to cost you, there’s no getting around it. Don’t undergo treatments that are not FDA approved or work with shady physicians just to save a buck. The odds are that if a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is. A physician promising you the moon and the stars at almost no cost is almost certainly setting you up for a disappointment at best and a disaster at worst.

3. Plan Ahead
Recovering from non-invasive body contouring is fairly quick and painless. You won’t need to worry about any major lifestyle restrictions or miss any work. With that said, it still pays off to plan ahead since you can never predict with certainty how you will react to any procedure. For body contouring, it would suffice to take the day off from any responsibilities and have someone who can come with you to the procedure in case you need assistance getting home.

4. Be Honest With Your Physician
Before the procedure, your physician will need to go over your health history and any medication you’re currently taking. It’s important to be completely open and honest about these things. Not doing so can compromise your safety as well as the effectiveness of the procedure. You may be worried that you’ll be told that you can’t do it, but that’s rare with procedures like body sculpting and if you’re being told that it’s for a very good reason.

5. Losing Weight Comes First
Non-invasive body contouring is great at dealing with problem areas that are resistant to weight loss, but it is a not a weight loss procedure in and of itself. You need to be at or near your goal weight and have a healthy lifestyle in order to really benefit from this procedure. Once the problem area is dealt with, there is nothing keeping it from returning aside from your own healthy habits.

6. Have Realistic Expectations
Body sculpting is not a weight-loss procedure. It deals with small areas that are extremely resistant to fat loss. While this can certainly have a noticeable impact on the way you look, it will not completely change your body composition overnight. The patients who end up most satisfied with their results are those who have realistic expectations and don’t expect a completely new body.

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