Answering 6 Common Questions About Breast Augmentation

It’s understandable that you have questions about breast augmentation. Although it’s more common – and safer – than ever before, it’s still a serious procedure that you shouldn’t undertake without careful consideration. Here are answers to some of the most common questions women have about breast augmentation.
Will People Be Able To Notice My Implants?
There is a wide variation in the look and feel of breasts, even among women who have never had a breast augmentation. In addition, the type of implant, the placement, the size, and the skill of the surgeon all factor heavily into the end result. It’s difficult to answer this question objectively when there are so many factors at play. But the fact is that women are usually very happy with the results of their breast augmentations.

Do Breast Augmentations Interfere With Mammograms?
As long as the technicians at your radiology office have experience performing mammograms on women with breast implants, there should be no issue. They may have to take extra x-rays from various angles to get a complete picture. You may have heard stories about breast implants rupturing during mammograms, but rest assured that this is exceedingly rare and is no reason to avoid mammograms – or breast augmentations for that matter.

Can I Breastfeed With Implants?
For the vast majority of women breast implants will have no impact on their ability to breastfeed. You remain perfectly able to breastfeed and the implants present no risk to the baby. With that said, this is a surgical procedure, and in rare cases complications can occur that render you unable to breastfeed. Strictly following pre and post-surgery instructions will minimize the risk of such complications.

Do Breast Augmentations Affect Sensitivity?
This can vary from person to person but in most cases sensitivity in the breast and nipples remains roughly the same. At worst you may experience a sensory loss of 5-10%, depending on the location of the incision. There may be a period immediately following surgery where you experience significantly less sensitivity, but it should slowly return to normal within 6-12 months.

Are There Any Serious Complications?
As with any procedure, complications are a possibility, but they are rare as long as you follow your surgeon’s instructions. Complications from a breast augmentation can include:

  • infection
  • numbness in the breast or nipple
  • scarring

Rest assured that breast implants are generally extremely safe. They have been tested extensively by the FDA and most of the complications are not unique to breast augmentations and are simply risks associated with any surgical procedure.

How Long Do Breast Implants Usually Last?
On average, breast implants last for 10 to 20 years. How long yours last will depend on several factors including the type of implant, the location, your lifestyle, and your health history. Don’t let anyone fool you into thinking that a breast augmentation is a “one-time procedure”, because for most women it isn’t. With that said, it also isn’t something you’ll have to do every few years. FDA studies show that only 20% of women need to have theirs replaced within 10 years.

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