Answering Your Biggest Questions About Chin Implants

A strong chin helps bring balance, symmetry, and character to a face. In some cases, though, people are dissatisfied with their chin. A smaller chin may not lend enough definition to the lower half of the face. That can give someone a fleshy or fatty appearance.
Although there’s a cosmetic procedure to meet just about any need, most people have not given thought to a chin implant. To shed some light on the topic, we’ve gathered some of the questions we’ve received from patients interested in chin augmentation.

Here are our top chin implant questions and answers:

Who Is A Suitable Candidate For These Implants?
Both men and women can benefit from implants. Although men face more social pressure to have a defined chin, chin enhancement can also help women look more elegant. It is simply a matter of adjusting the chin for a harmonious balance with other facial features.

Any otherwise healthy adult who desires the procedure is a suitable candidate. Ideal patients often have concerns about a recessed, “weak,” or double chin. They may feel that their facial features lack proportion, but find it difficult to explain exactly why.

Are Chin Implants Large?
Chin enhancement doesn’t have to give you the chiseled jawline of a superhero. Defining the shape of the chin while making it slightly larger can make a dramatic difference in your profile.

The exact size of the implant used varies based on the patient’s goals and the existing bone structure. Naturally, the average size of an implant is larger for men than for women.

As with any good cosmetic procedure, the results should appear natural and work with the other elements of the face. A sense of aesthetic balance is essential to achieve amazing results.

What Are Chin Implants Made From?
A variety of safe, pliable materials can be used for chin implants. The implants are safe and will not be re-absorbed by the body like certain medical materials are. Before a surgery date is set, your doctor will evaluate your needs and discuss the materials to be used.

Are There Alternatives to Permanent Chin Implants?
Fat from elsewhere in the body may be used to enhance the appearance of the chin, though this is less long-lasting than an implant. That’s because you may lose fat deposits in the face later on in life, but a surgical implant can be expected to last. It should not lose shape or degrade.

That said, an implant is not necessarily the right move for every patient. This is why it’s crucial to discuss your expectations with an experienced plastic surgeon who has performed hundreds of procedures. There’s often more than one way to reach the outcome you want.

For example, the chin can be reshaped by moving or restructuring bones or by using liposuction to remove excess fat. Sometimes, the latter procedure can provide the desired look on its own.

Is There A Risk Of Scarring Or Other Complications?
While there is a small risk of complications involved in any surgery, Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery offers the experience and technology to give you peace of mind.
Visible scarring is minimal in chin augmentation surgery. In many cases, incisions can be performed inside the mouth. They may also be done under the chin.

It’s never been easier to refresh your appearance with a chin implant that’s perfect for you. To find out more, contact us today.