Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation: Which is Right for Me?

Feeling good about your appearance has significant positive effects on your self-esteem, ability to connect in relationships, and willingness to put yourself out into the world. While some may turn their noses at the idea of augmenting your body, we know that data points to the positive effects of cosmetic enhancements. In fact, we see firsthand the positive benefits of plastic surgery every day.

When compiling a list of the most common cosmetic surgeries, breast augmentation and breast lift always make it on the list. These ever-popular procedures give patients a new lease on life and restore a youthful look to a person’s figure. It’s also common for people to confuse the two procedures, so we’ve written this article as a tool so that you can determine which of the two procedures is the right choice for you.

The Details Of Breast Augmentation Surgery

When you hear people talk about a “boob job,” they are referring to breast augmentation. The purpose of breast augmentation is to increase the size of the breast. In many cases, this also gives a slight lift to the breast without removing any of the excess skin. Before a breast augmentation procedure, each patient has the opportunity to work with their surgeon to choose the type and size of implant that most fits their needs and their bodies. Your surgeon will bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to help you determine your ideal look. They’ll also help you choose between saline or silicone implants. Once that decision has been made, it’s time to go to surgery!

First, the patient undergoes anesthesia. Then, the surgeon begins the surgery with an incision on either the breast or in the armpit. In that incision, an implant is inserted. The implant is placed behind the existing breast tissue, and in some cases, behind the pectoral muscle as well. Your surgeon can give you more information about your specific case. At this point, the incisions are closed, and the recovery period begins.

It takes most patients four to six weeks to recover from breast augmentation surgery. During the recovery process, as the body is healing, the tissue will be inflamed, making it difficult to determine the final results of the surgery. Your doctor will instruct you to modify your regular activities until you’re completely healed. At the end of six weeks, once your healing period is complete, you’ll have a clear vision of your breast augmentation results.

The Details Of Breast Lift Surgery

Unlike breast augmentation surgery, a breast lift does not increase the size of your breast. The purpose of the surgery is to create a more lifted and youthful appearance to the breast. To achieve that look, the surgeon will place a patient under anesthesia, make an incision in their breast tissue, and then remove extra skin, allowing them to reshape the breast and the underlying breast tissue to the patient’s specifications. Because everyone’s breasts are different, the location and shape of the incision will differ from person to person based upon the existing shape of their breast and the look they hope to achieve with the surgery.

As with breast augmentation surgery, breast lift patients will be required to rest and enjoy some downtime after their surgery. For the best results, your body needs time to heal. It can take up to a month for your swelling to reduce, incisions to heal, and for you to be released to your normal activities.

Some patients choose to combine these two procedures to achieve their ideal breast size and lift. The surgery is excellent for people who would like larger breasts and have significant amounts of excess skin to remove. Speak with your plastic surgeon to determine which of these surgeries is best for you or if you may be eligible for a combination of the two.

What Are Your Goals?

The essential information you need to determine which surgery is ideal for you is a clear understanding of your personal goals. Do you have an active lifestyle and only want a perkier more youthful-looking breast? Or have you always dreamt of having bigger breasts than you naturally have? The choice is up to you, and only you can determine what work will make you feel the most beautiful. Be open and honest with your doctor about the type of lifestyle you want to enjoy in the future, and they can help tailor the surgery to your needs.

Our goal and the goal of any plastic surgeon is to help you achieve the physical appearance that will match the vision you have of yourself. We are happy to partner with our clients to help fulfill their dreams. If you have questions about our practice or want to learn more about either of these procedures, please contact our office.