Facts About Injectables For Nervous Newbies

Injectables have become a very popular segment of the Cosmetics industry. Years ago, patients might hide the fact that they have gotten injections like Botox and Juvederm, but today it’s so commonplace that men and women alike where it confidently on their faces. But even though public opinion has shifted there are still plenty of people who harbor fears about the process and have waited far too long to give it a try.
If you are a nervous newbie when it comes to injectables and other cosmetics procedures here are a couple of things that may make you feel more confident:

They Don’t Last Forever
There are some cosmetics procedures that are a big commitment because they alter the appearance of your face indefinitely. Injectables are not that type of treatment. The results of injectable products tend to last from 3-5 months, giving patients plenty of time to determine whether or not they would like to make that same time commitment again. If you are new to the game and want to try something that is easy and low commitment, this is your best bet.

The Results Are Immediate
Since these procedures are quick and easy there is absolutely no downtime. You will leave, even after your very first appointment, with results you love and an appearance you are proud of. That said, while you will notice an immediate benefit, it typically takes up to a week for you to see the final results of your injection. But don’t you think, a week is a much nicer recovery time than some other more involved facial procedures.

The Products Are Safe And Effective
From time to time our new patients express concerns about the safety of the injected materials. We can assure you that all of the products that we use are FDA approved, and we have personally seen significant success received positive feedback from those patients who use injectables. if safety is your concern we highly recommend you contact us for more information that will give you confidence.

As experts in plastic surgery and cosmetic enhancements, our top priority is to provide you with a service that makes you feel beautiful and confident. We have many years of experience achieving just that results with our patients. If you’re looking for just the right treatment to bring the freshness of youth back to your face, give us a call today.