How Do I Know If I’m A Candidate For Breast Reduction?

Most people are fairly familiar with breast augmentations, or boob jobs as many people call them. But breast reduction surgery is not as commonly known as a procedure. When the world seems to glorify large breasts some may wonder why anyone would want to get rid of theirs. However, candidates for this surgery know exactly the reasons.
If you are an individual with a large bust and have wondered if you’d also be a candidate for a reduction, consider the following factors.

Are You Physically Healthy?
Just like with any surgery, your surgeon will want to be sure that you are physically healthy enough to undergo the procedure and heal appropriately. This, of course, includes any untreated heart problems, blood clotting issues, or severe obesity. If you’re very committed to having this procedure your surgeon may speak with you about steps you can take in your life to make yourself healthy enough to safely undergo a breast reduction surgery.

Do Your Breasts Limit Your Physical Activity?
Very large breasts can keep even the most physically healthy patients from living the type of active lifestyle they want to live. Walking, running, yoga, and other athletic activities can be next to impossible for the bustiest women. But more importantly, oversized breasts make day-to-day life feel impossible for some. Perhaps your breasts make it difficult for you to hold your children or play on the ground with your grandchildren. If this sounds familiar to you you’re likely an excellent candidate for this surgery.

Are You Feeling Discomfort?
Above and beyond the inability to complete common physical tasks, large, heavy breasts can cause significant physical discomfort in many patients. Symptoms include daily shoulder, neck, or back pain, difficulty sleeping, and in some cases the development of rashes or other skin irritations underneath the breast area. Any single one of these issues (and certainly the combination of multiple) would make someone a candidate.

Do You Feel Self-Conscious?
Maybe your breasts aren’t quite that large, but they’re weighing you down emotionally. Many of our patients are self-conscious about your breasts to a degree that feels overwhelming to them. Breast reduction is an excellent tool to help these patients feel like themselves in their own bodies.

Do you see yourself represented in one or more of these categories? If so, it may be time for you to take control so that you can live the kind of life that you want. For more information about this or any of our other procedures, contact us today.