Is A Brow Lift Right For You? Get The Facts From The Source!

A brow lift is one of the most popular procedures we perform at the Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery. It’s a simple process that has dramatic results for the right patient!
Also called a forehead lift, it has the potential to improve balance and proportion of the face to create a more youthful appearance. By smoothing some of the most noticeable wrinkles of the forehead, it also has the unexpected effect of accentuating the eyes.

Is a lift right for you? Let’s take a closer look!

Who Is A Good Candidate For A Brow Lift?
Just about anyone who has forehead wrinkles can benefit from a brow lift.

Over the years, we’ve noticed customers thrilled with their lift are those concerned about prominent forehead wrinkles. They may have noticed early development of these wrinkles, starting in their twenties, with folds growing more prominent over the years.

If you’ve ever been told you look angry, serious, or tired, you could be a great candidate!
Before deciding how to proceed, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your goals with Dr. DeMercurio. It’s vital your surgeon understand your needs – and that you know what your chosen procedure can and can’t do. With us, you’ll always make an informed choice!

What Results Can I Expect From A Brow Lift?
Results from cosmetic surgery vary based on many factors. However, a successful lift will produce aesthetically pleasing results that help you look younger and feel your best.
In particular, you can look forward to:

1. Reduced Wrinkle Lines in the Forehead
Although the mouth and eyes get most of the credit for our expressions, the forehead is just as important. Muscles in the forehead are recruited into your expression whenever you feel any strong emotions. Forehead movement is especially noticeable in negative emotions, but it also helps create expressions of surprise and delight!

Unfortunately, these movements also spur the development of forehead wrinkles. Virtually all adults have some noticeable lining of the forehead. Patients prone to forehead wrinkles tend to notice development in their early years. A brow lift can help you smooth out even the deepest wrinkles. It can also be coupled with dermal fillers and other procedures.

2. Improvement of Sagging Eyebrows
Sagging eyebrows not only tend to age the face, but have the worrying effect of making you look tired. Eyebrows that hang low enough may lead some people to worry that you haven’t been sleeping enough or even that you might be sick. It’s brow lift to the rescue!

A lift can turn back the clock by restoring brows to a higher and less prominent position. This clears away one of the factors that can distract from your eyes. Many patients report their eyes look larger, clearer, and more vibrant because of the change in brow shape.

Are There Any Risks To A Brow Lift?
All medical procedures carry some risk, but your safety is always our top priority!

Many patients ask about the risk of scarring. There are three different ways a surgeon can make an incision for a successful lift. In most cases, any scarring can be concealed by the hairline. An endoscope – a tiny camera – helps to minimize incision length and depth.

Most patients recover fully after 10-14 days of rest at home.

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