Making Sure Your Liposuction Results Last: 5 Tips For The Holiday Season

There’s a lot of pressure to look your best around the holidays. There are also many, many temptations. Between the Thanksgiving turkey and the Christmas cookies it’s all too easy to give in, but if you want the results of your liposuction to hold fast through the holidays and into next year, you’re going to need to stick to your lifestyle changes.
Here are 5 tips to make sure your results last as long as possible:

1. Stay Active
Between planning your Christmas parties, shopping for gifts, and spending time with family it can be easy to lose sight of your exercise routine. There are many creative ways to sneak in a little exercise each day that won’t eat up too much time. Park a little further away than usual to get a bit more walking in. Take stairs instead of escalators or elevators. Bundle up and go on walks with the family. Every little bit adds up!

2. Careful With That Eggnog
Your average glass of eggnog has 500 calories. Yes, you read that right! You’re practically getting an entire meal with each glass. Fortunately, there are many ways to enjoy this festive drink without blowing your calorie allowance. You could try substituting regular milk with a healthier alternative like almond milk and replace the cream with yogurt.

3. Avoid Alcohol When Possible
Alcohol is abundantly available at most holiday parties and not only is it very calorie dense, it can also increase your appetite. Mixed drinks are the worst offenders here — they contain many more calories than classic spirits like vodka, gin, and rum. So, if you do decide to drink make sure you set some hard limits, stick to plain drinks, and don’t drink on an empty stomach.

4. Take A Break Before You Get Seconds
You’ve probably had those meals where you feel absolutely terrible afterward. You eat so much you feel like you’re about to burst. Why does this happen? Shouldn’t your body tell you to stop eating?

It does, but you have to give it some time. Typically, it takes a few minutes before your body sends a signal to your brain saying “I’m full”. That means the quicker you eat and the quicker you go back for seconds, the more likely it is you’ll overeat. So, when you’re at one of those holiday parties where everything on the table looks inviting, make sure you take a break before going back for seconds.

5. Remember The Reason For The Season
Sure all of the snacks and the savory turkey and the holiday desserts are great, but remember what the season is really about: spending time with the ones you love. Make sure you get your fill of laughter and cheer this holiday season — but maybe go easy on the turkey and beer. That way you can ensure you get the most out of your liposuction.

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