Plan for Transformation: When To Schedule Your Cosmetic Procedures

By the time most patients have decided to sign up for plastic surgery with Dr. DeMercurio, they are usually ready to pull the trigger as soon as possible. Through their research and a consultation with our surgeon, they begin to draw up a mental image of how they will look and feel post-surgery that is virtually impossible to resist. While we want to support our patients in getting the results they crave as soon as possible, we also want them to think strategically about when to schedule plastic surgery so that it adds to rather than complicates their personal lives.

There is no perfect time to schedule a cosmetic procedure, but there are seasons of the year when the pace of life is slower and more amenable to significant life changes. We use the following points to help our patients make strategic scheduling decisions as they prepare for their cosmetic procedures.

Kid-Friendly Seasons 

If you’re a parent with a full house of children, the last time you want to schedule your cosmetic procedure is during the summer when everyone is home from school. You’ll be busy shuttling kids to summer camp and pool parties. You may be traveling to family reunions or on family vacations. The last thing you want to do during that season is be laid up for several weeks recovering while you could be enjoying the precious time you have with the ones you love. If you can, consider your family’s busy schedule before scheduling your upcoming cosmetic procedure.

Swimsuit Season

It is extremely common for patients to be motivated by swimsuit season to change their appearance. However, you don’t want to spend swimsuit season in recovery. The best time to invest in cosmetic procedures that will wow during the many ideal bikini weather months here in Florida is during the sweater weather months. That means you want to look at your calendar, determine when you want to be ready to hit the beach with your friends and family, and then work backward to determine a date by which you need to have your procedure, allowing for the complete healing and recovery process and the best possible results to show off!

Comfy Cozy Recovery

Is there anything better than spending a Saturday afternoon curled up on the couch with a warm beverage and a good book? Fall is a great time to opt for cosmetic procedures because it comes with a slowed-down lifestyle and cooler weather. You’re less likely to feel FOMO during your recovery period when everyone you know is also cozying up on their couch. October through March are the most popular most of the year for plastic surgery because they leave you plenty of time to recover in preparation for all the excitement that summer brings.

Every patient and every surgery is different. Before you plan your next cosmetic procedure, consider this list of questions that will help you choose a suitable date:

  • How long is the recovery time for your procedure?
  • Will you be getting multiple surgeries at once?
  • Do you have any upcoming trips or special events planned?
  • By what date would you like to be fully healed?

The decision to undergo cosmetic surgery is just the first step of many that will get you to the desired result. Now that you’ve decided the what and the why, your plastic surgeon is the best person to speak to as you determine when and how the procedure will take place. Dr. DeMercurio is committed to helping patients achieve their goals in a way that aligns with their personal lives and celebrates the many important priorities in their lives. Call our office if you’re ready to take the plunge but are still deciding on the details. We’ll walk you through each step of the way.