Reclaim Quality of Life with Breast Reconstruction Surgery

For many women, breasts are a defining physical feature. That’s why when breasts are damaged or must be removed, self-confidence and body image can be negatively affected. It’s normal to feel sad, anxious, and even mournful. For these scenarios, breast reconstruction surgery is an excellent choice to reclaim your quality of life.
This surgery is ideal for those women who have experienced a mastectomy. It’s also beneficial if you’ve suffered breast injury or significant damage. In addition to repairing or reconstructing the breasts, this option also improves shape, contour, and symmetry.

Here’s how breast reconstruction surgery can make a positive impact on your life:

Restores Confidence and Boosts Self Esteem
According to the Australian health information charity Reclaim Your Curves, one in ten women will require breast surgery in their lifetime. In the case of mastectomy due to cancer, breast reconstruction is a way to retrieve what the disease stole.

A common misconception is that this surgery is impossible for patients who have undergone radiation therapy. While it’s true that such therapy can compromise skin elasticity and impair blood circulation, it’s important to discuss with your doctor specific options available to you. The door is not necessary closed in this regard.

Some claim reconstructed breasts don’t look or feel ‘natural.’ Due to medical advancements, however, most people won’t notice you’ve had surgery, even in the most intimate of settings. Many patients claim they even momentarily ‘forget’ they’ve had surgery, because the results are so real-to-life!

This procedure restores balance and proportion to your body. It’s important to note there’s no “one size fits all” choice. Your doctor will recommend personal options for your body type and body image goals.

The surgery can also bring true and lasting improvements to your general mood and outlook. In fact, in a study by the Journal of the American College of Surgeons, researchers found that women who chose breast reconstruction demonstrated marked improvements in mental and psychological health following surgery.

Above all, this option has the power to return to you feelings of confidence and control that you haven’t felt in years.

Is Safe and Dependable
In order to allow your body to safely transition, your surgeon will perform this surgery in stages. This begins with reconstructing/reshaping breast tissue, and typically ends with nipple reconstruction and/or tattooing.

While some scarring does occur, the marks fade over time, and are usually easily concealed by clothing. Most patients refrain from work and strenuous activity for three to six weeks. Your doctor will discuss with you detailed information about what to expect before and after surgery.

With more than nine years serving satisfied clients in the Central Florida area, we’d be honored to help you restore your strength and spirit through breast reconstruction. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff can guide you through the best body image solutions to meet your goals. Contact us for a consolation, and begin the road renewed confidence today!