The Different Types Of Tummy Tucks

Tummy tucks are one of the most popular cosmetic procedures around, and for good reason. The stomach is an area that’s particularly prone to stubborn fat and loose skin. It’s also an area that’s often fully exposed, especially during the warmer months. If you enjoy the beach, then you’re frequently seen in a bikini. When you’re away from the shore, there’s nothing quite like a good crop top. You want to feel comfortable and confident.
That’s why you get a tummy tuck. To get rid of that last little bit of fat or loose skin. But no two tummies are the same — everyone stores their fat in different areas. That’s why there are actually a number of different ways to perform this procedure, each one addressing a different area or concern. Here’s what you need to know about all of the different tummy tuck procedures.

Full Tummy Tucks
The full — or “classic” — tuck addresses the areas below and above the belly button, all the way up the abdominal wall. It’s typically used on patients who have significant roundness or lots of loose skin on their stomach. A full tuck will also get you the most natural looking results. But there are tradeoffs. It involves the largest incision and the longest recovery period. It can also be more costly than other, more limited procedures.

Mini Tucks
The mini tuck involves a smaller incision and is typically only used to treat the area below the belly button. It’s a good fit for patients who have that tiny “pooch” at the bottom of their belly. On the other hand, if most of your fat or excess skin is above the belly button then this isn’t your best option. One benefit of the mini tuck is that the incision is often very low on the stomach, meaning that any potential scarring is easier to hide with clothing. It also costs less than a full tuck.

Extended Tucks
The extended tuck attempts to address problems with your flanks and your hips alongside your stomach. To do this, the surgeon makes a slightly longer horizontal incision as well as a second, vertical incision along the sides, allowing them to remove excess fat and skin from the flanks. This procedure is the most comprehensive and it’s great if you have unwanted fat or skin along your sides and hips. This makes it more costly, but it’s generally still cheaper than having a separate procedure at another time.

Which Procedure Is Right For You?
Now, the question is: which one should you get? These short descriptions aren’t really enough to get a good idea of which one is the “right” procedure. There are too many variables and everyone is different. Which procedure is best will depend greatly on your health history, your body makeup, and your goals.

Discussing these things with a qualified plastic surgeon is your best bet. They’ll have the knowledge and experience necessary to guide you towards the safest and most effective procedure for your unique situation. So, if you think a tummy tuck is the procedure for you but you’re not sure what kind, get in touch with your plastic surgeon today to discuss your options. Please, contact us at The Florida Center For Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery today for more information or to schedule a consultation.