The Great Life-Changing Results You Can Expect After a Tummy Tuck

If you’ve ever undergone elective plastic surgery, you know how much it can change your life. And the tummy tuck is among the surgeries that our patients love the most. It would be easy to assume that all patients coming into the office for a tummy tuck have the same motivations, but the truth is each patient brings with them an individual set of personal issues that motivate them to have a tummy tuck, as well as a personal list of hopes and desires for what life will be like after the surgery.

To bring us all up to speed on the tummy tuck procedure, allow us to provide you with a quick overview. The tummy tuck is a colloquial name for the medical procedure known as an abdominoplasty. During this procedure, while the patient is under general anesthesia, the surgeon makes an incision horizontally along the pubic area of the patient’s midsection. The abdominal skin is then lifted away from the body and in some cases, the muscles below are repaired. The excess skin is then pulled down and cut away as the skin is sutured together to create a new, flat appearance. In many cases, the location of the belly button will need to be adjusted. While recovery is different for everyone, most patients are asked to take it easy for at least 6 weeks while their body recovers.

The tummy tuck procedure and recovery are a serious commitment of time, energy, and resources. But, the benefits of this surgery are overwhelmingly positive. Here are some of the most common ways that our patients’ lives change for the better after undergoing a tummy tuck.

Love the Way You Look

Do you find yourself gazing at magazine covers in the grocery store line wishing you could look just like her? You’re not alone. Millions of people around the world wish to have some control over their appearance so they can love the way they look. That’s why the plastic and cosmetic surgery industries are thriving more now than ever. When you’re not confident with the appearance of your midsection, you’re less likely to be able to wear the clothes that you want. But with a tummy tuck procedure, you’ll be able to regain your body confidence and enjoy the summer at the beach in your two-piece. 

Even if you choose to keep your belly covered, tummy tuck patients regularly report feeling more confident in the way that their clothes fit. No more bulging belly in your skinny jeans. Fully clothed or scantily clad, a tummy tuck procedure will have you feeling like a brand new person in no time. 

Feel More Comfortable

While tummy tucks are known for their ability to create significant, positive physical change in patients, they also have a myriad of other health benefits. Often, tummy tuck patients have previously gained and lost significant weight which caused the skin on their midsection to stretch beyond its ability to retract back to normal. Other patients have similar issues due to pregnancy.

All of the leftover skin, regardless of its origin, is heavy and can cause significant discomfort. Often, patients with an extreme amount of excess skin are unable to exercise and socialize how they would like to and turn to the tummy tuck for relief. Tummy tucks are far more than just a vanity procedure. They add life to patients’ years and enable them to engage in all of the activities they want to without concern for their excess skin.

Heal Your Body

The tummy tuck procedure, in addition to the many other benefits, can be restorative. During the procedure, some patients opt to have repairs done to their abdominal muscles due to a condition called diastasis recti. If you can imagine the sculpted ab muscles of a bodybuilder, you know there are two sides with a line running down the middle. Often in pregnancy or in cases where patients have gained and lost a significant amount of weight the middle section (known as the linea alba) becomes overstretched causing a gap between the two sides of the abdomen. Diastasis recti can cause a weakened core, less flexibility, lower back pain, and poor posture. 

Not every tummy tuck procedure involves a repair of the abdominal muscles. For example, patients who undergo a c-section often have this problem repaired when they give birth. Plus, many patients’ bodies can heal this issue on their own over time. 

One final way that the tummy tuck can help heal your body might surprise you. Did you know that a tummy tuck can help reduce urinary incontinence in some patients? Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) is a condition that occurs frequently in women after pregnancy. Research shows that patients who have undergone a tummy tuck with abdominal repair have fewer issues with incontinence. The idea is that the external rejuvenation of the skin and muscles of the abdomen also helps support the urinary track internally.

The tummy tuck is a remarkable procedure as it meets patients’ needs for cosmetic improvement to their bodies while also providing a better, physical quality of life. If you’re interested in getting a tummy tuck or are struggling with any of the issues mentioned above, contact our office for a consultation. Our team of experts is here for you.