The Top 4 Reasons People Get A Tummy Tuck

It’s fair to say that most of us wish we could go back to the smooth and youthful bodies of our adolescence. Back then we didn’t know how lucky we were! The good news is you don’t have to travel back in time to achieve a taut and slender abdomen. 

For decades, men and women all over the world have been investing in a procedure called the tummy tuck to remove excess skin and fat from their midsection. During this procedure, an incision is made at the lower section of the abdomen. The abdominal skin is then lifted away from the body so that the surgeon can access and repair any weakened abdominal muscles. Excess skin is removed, and in many cases, the belly button must be adjusted to account for the tightened skin. After the tissue has been removed the surgeon stitches the patient back up and healing begins. This, of course, is a rudimentary explanation of the tummy tuck. Each patient that comes into our office has a different set of circumstances and must be dealt with individually. 

It probably will come as no surprise to you that our tummy tuck patients come to us with similar types of issues. To this day, we consistently see patients who fall into one of 4 common categories. Here is a list of the 4 most common reasons our patients choose to get a tummy tuck.

1. Extreme Weight Gain And Loss

Our skin is flexible and stretches as we move and grow, but there is a limit to how far it will stretch. When the human body experiences extreme weight gain, the skin is often stretched beyond its capacity and loses its elasticity. This stretching skin is hardly noticeable on an overweight body, but as soon as a person loses a meaningful amount of weight, they’re often left with significant amounts of stretched-out skin that will never retract to fit the new shape and size of the body. After all of the hard work a patient puts in to improve their health, change their appearance, and possibly even extend their lives, we love to help them achieve the appearance they hope for. Beyond appearances, the tummy tuck surgery also has functional benefits as the removal of excess skin makes it easier for patients to exercise, move around comfortably, play with their children and grandchildren, and more.

2. Women In Postpartum

Besides our patients whose skin changes due to significant weight gain and loss, we meet many patients who are interested in a tummy tuck to improve the appearance of their abdomen after having children. The concept of stretching skin is the same as with our weight loss patients. During pregnancy, a woman’s skin stretches over such a short period (9 months) that the skin doesn’t have time to react quickly enough resulting in stretch marks and sagging skin. It’s recommended that women wait at least 6 months after they give birth to undergo a tummy tuck. This is especially important because it takes time for the body to recover after carrying a child and it may take 6 months or longer to lose weight and get back to your ideal size. If you’ve had children and are ready to reclaim your body, a tummy tuck may be the ideal surgery for you.

3. Experiencing The Downsides Of Aging

Another thing that reduces the elasticity of your skin is age. We have evidence of this all over our faces. As we age, the skin around our eyes and mouths starts to naturally wrinkle and the skin under our chin gets looser (by the way, we have treatments for this too!). The same phenomenon occurs all over your body. Loose abdominal skin due to aging can happen to anyone. It isn’t just reserved for those who have had significant weight gain or loss. If you’ve done everything right to preserve your body as you’ve aged and you still have excess skin around your midsection, a tummy tuck is likely the ideal treatment for you.

4. Not Satisfied With Their Body Type

We are all born and we all die in the same body. But, thanks to modern science and the advent of plastic surgery, we have some control over what happens to our bodies while we are alive. Some patients are simply born with a body type they don’t find ideal. Does this sound familiar to you? Are you prone to excess belly fat? Are you apple-shaped when you’d prefer to be hourglass-shaped? The tummy tuck is an excellent surgical solution for patients who have tried to achieve their ideal body type, yet can’t seem to overcome their genetics.

The tummy tuck is an invasive surgery and while the recovery period is different for everyone, it can be significant. That said, it’s also a godsend to some patients who – after weight loss, aging, or childbirth – are desperate to reclaim the body they desire to have. If you dream of gaining control over your appearance and losing your excess skin for good, contact our office today. We’d love to give you more information about solutions including the tummy tuck.