Top 5 Reasons Why Women Choose Breast Augmentation

The reasons why a woman or even a man might consider having breast implants vary. They could range from medical conditions that have affected her breast(s) to feeling more confident in one’s appearance. Here are the top five reasons why patients choose breast augmentation.
Dissatisfaction with Appearance
One of the leading reasons why women choose to get breast implants is because they are dissatisfied with their appearance. There is a correlation between improved self-confidence and improving one’s appearance with breast augmentation. An added bonus that many women find is that by increasing the size of their breasts, fashions that may not have properly fit them previously will now appear to be more flattering to their bodies.

Reconstruction after Breast Surgery
Whether a woman or man has had a mastectomy or lumpectomy, breast implants can help restore what was lost due to surgery. Breast reconstruction surgery is a way for patients to move forward after breast cancer. In the case of lumpectomy or tissue removal, breast implants can help improve the appearance of the affected breast and bring it closer to the size of the unaffected breast.

To Address Micromastia
Micromastia is a medical condition where a woman’s breasts do not fully develop after she has gone through puberty. For some, this can be a source of emotional distress. Increasing the size of the breasts can give women with this condition a fuller figure, improved self-image, and increased self-confidence in their physical appearance.

Regain a Youthful Appearance
As a woman ages, they may notice that their breasts begin to lose volume and begin to slowly sag. This is a natural part of aging; however, some women may prefer to turn back the clock and choose breast implants. This procedure can be paired with a breast lift to restore a more youthful appearance for many women.

To Increase Breast Volume After Pregnancy
Women’s breasts tend to change after pregnancy and nursing. They may become smaller and droop. Breast augmentation can restore breasts to pre-baby condition because the lost volume cannot be restored through exercise alone. This procedure is often combined with a tummy tuck to give moms a full mommy makeover.

Today, with the latest breakthroughs in surgical techniques, breast augmentation can provide a more subtle and natural-looking result. If you have been considering this procedure, schedule a consultation with the Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery to learn more about the benefits of this procedure.