Want A Svelte, Sculpted Body? Body Sculpting Could Be For You

The human body is truly amazing, both mechanically and as a piece of beautiful sculpture. Over countless generations, it has developed incredible mechanisms for healing and strengthening. Fast forward to today, though, and some of those things don’t look so marvelous. One example is the tenacious way that the body holds onto stores of fat, especially in certain problem areas.
You already know that if you want a svelte, sculpted body, diet and exercise will go a long way toward helping you. However, that’s not the whole story – sometimes the body needs a push.

That little bit of extra encouragement can come from the latest in body sculpting.

Body Sculpting Helps You Achieve Lasting, Healthy Results In Problem Areas
Because of differences in hormones and other body systems, men and women both have certain areas where they are more likely to accumulate fat.

There is no such thing as “spot reduction” – you can’t remove fat from one specific area at a time under normal circumstances. So, even with healthy habits, these areas are the last to change.

Body sculpting can help you on your way by allowing you to safely and effectively target trouble spots in a way that other practices can’t match.

There are surgical and non-surgical ways of changing the body’s shape. Many surgical options are well-known and have been practiced safely thousands of times all over the United States: Some of those include the Brazilian butt lift and classic liposuction.

However, most people use body sculpting to refer to nonsurgical approaches, and it’s here where the procedures really shine. There are benefits to nonsurgical techniques many patients swear by:

  • Reduced recovery period (or no recovery at all) so you can get back to life faster.
  • Drastically reduced risk of complication, both during the procedure and after it.
  • Long-lasting, satisfying results you can typically see in the mirror very quickly.
  • Unbeatable ability to focus on exactly the areas of the body you want to target.

Deciding Which Body Sculpting Technique Is Best For You
With so many options to choose from, it can be tough to pick just one. Discussing your needs with an expert from Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is a great step.

Three main body sculpting technologies are available:

Injection Lipolysis
Using an FDA-approved compound, this procedure reduces fat cells in a troublesome area. It’s usually performed under general anesthesia. Fat reduction is visible within about eight weeks.

Radio Frequency (RF) Lipolysis
RF energy can quickly and effectively “melt” fat away by heating an area in a very precise way. This treatment only takes about half an hour to complete and no instruments ever touch the skin.

Laser Lipolysis
A simple and comfortable procedure without anesthetic, laser lipolysis uses a special applicator that alternates between pulses of heat and cooling. It, too, requires only about thirty minutes.

Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery is also proud to offer cryolipolysis, which entails the destruction of fat cells through targeted cooling that prevents damage to other tissues.

You Don’t Need Surgery To Get The Results You Want Here In Ormond Beach
Isn’t it about time you took control of your appearance to look and feel better? It’s easier than ever with your trusted Ormond Beach team. To find out more or set your appointment, contact us. We look forward to helping you soon.