What Many People Don’t Realize About Breast Reduction Surgery

There is a common misconception that all plastic surgery is based around a patient’s vanity and their desire to change their appearance. People think of facelift injections and breast enhancements when they hear the term plastic surgery, but the field is vast and the doctors who practice this type of medicine meet patients with a wide variety of expectations. There are many procedures that are pursued simply for the vanity of the patient, but procedures like breast reduction generally don’t fall into that category.
Breast reduction is not the most talked-about plastic surgery, but it is very common. More than 90,000 breast reduction surgeries are performed in the United States each year. But despite how common it is, less is commonly known about the breast reduction surgery is than many of the other procedures that we provide. Here are some things you may not already know about breast reduction surgery.

The Goal Is Comfort, Not Appearance
Whether a patient prefers a large or small breast is rarely a factor in their choice to undergo breast reduction surgery. Most breast reduction patients opt for this surgery because their current breasts inhibit their everyday lives. Breast tissue can be very heavy and the common complaint of breast reduction patience is back pain, shoulder divots from their bra straps, and the inability to participate in sports and other activities. Over the years, our culture has celebrated large breasts in a way that would lead you to believe everyone wants very large breasts, that simply isn’t the case. We help patients all the time who, regardless of the size, simply want a breast that is comfortable.

One Of The Highest Patient Satisfaction Rates
Since we live in a world where large breasts have often been celebrated by women and men alike, breast reduction patients sometimes receive unwanted feedback about their procedure. The common belief is that all women want large breasts and that they may regret having them reduced. However, the truth is that breast reduction surgery has one of the highest satisfaction rates of any other plastic surgery. We attribute that to the fact that, unlike some other surgeries, breast reduction can actually improve a patient’s quality of life. Yes, they may love the way they look, but they’ll love even more how easily they can go for a jog, play with their children, and even find clothes to properly fit their bodies.

Breast Reductions Are An Option For All Ages
Unlike many of the surgeries we perform, breast reductions are made available for patients of nearly any age. From young teenagers to the elderly, if your quality of life is limited based upon the size of your breasts we are able to help you. Researchers who have studied the effects of breast reduction on young women (ages 12-21) noted that in addition to the physical benefits and increased quality of life, their patients also experienced better self-esteem among other benefits.

Research also shows that young women who get breast reductions enjoy the benefits much later into their lives. For these patients, physical and psychosocial well-being are as high or higher than that of women who did not need to undergo the procedure. Additionally, these young women experience better sexual well-being and more satisfaction with their breasts.

The Surgery Is Outpatient And Benefits Are Immediate
You might be surprised to learn that breast reduction surgery is an outpatient procedure. The clinical term for breast reduction is mammaplasty and during the procedure, a plastic surgeon removes excess fat, breast, and glandular tissue. Much to the dismay of some patients, plastic surgeons don’t generally promise patients they’ll achieve a specific cup size post-surgery, but it is assured that they will have a breast size that is more comfortable for their bodies.

The breast reduction procedure itself takes approximately 2 hours and the patient is allowed to return home afterward. As with any surgery, patients are tender and swollen after the procedure. Your doctor will instruct you on the proper way to care for your incisions and the recommended compression garments. Physical activity ought to be limited for at least four weeks after the procedure, but patients experience the benefits almost immediately. After years of carrying around uncomfortably heavy breasts, they’re able to move through life more comfortably.

The burden of very large, uncomfortable breasts is one that is hard to understand if you’ve never experienced it yourself. We have the great pleasure of increasing the quality of life of patients from a wide range of age groups with this specific surgery. If you or someone you know have suffered under the weight of a large bosom, you don’t have to any longer. Contact our office today for more information about breast reduction surgery and how we can help you live a more comfortable and confident life.