What To Expect After Your Brow Lift

Recovering from cosmetic procedures can pose some unique challenges, ranging from mild discomfort to total lifestyle changes. The brow lift is a simple procedure that leans more towards the former. Nonetheless, it’s important to be prepared for these challenges in advance so that your recovery can proceed quickly and without issue.
Here are a few things that you may experience after your procedure:

You’ll Have Some Swelling And Bruising
A few days after the procedure you should expect to see some swelling and bruising. Many patients are surprised by this, thinking that something has suddenly gone wrong, but it’s nothing to worry about. Things should subside within about 10 to 14 days after the procedure and at this point, you’ll be able to get a good look at the results.

You Won’t Want To Eat As Much
You’re probably going to be a bit nauseous immediately following the procedure, so don’t plan on having any big meals. Most patients need to start slowly with liquid meals like soups and smoothies. Once the sedatives completely wear off — usually sometime the next day — your appetite should be back to normal.

You’ll Need To Use The Bathroom A Lot
One side effect of the IV sedation often used during a brow lift is an increase in fluids. You’ll also need to keep your fluid intake up during the recovery process. All of this means that you’re probably going to be using the bathroom a lot immediately following the procedure. It helps to situate yourself near a bathroom on your first day back since that’s when the issue will be at its height.

Your Scalp May Be Itchy
Many patients report itching and burning sensations on their scalp after a brow lift. It’s important that you avoid touching the site of the incision. Doing so will only worsen the discomfort and may compromise your results. Your surgeon can prescribe you some medication to help deal with this discomfort. Otherwise, it should go away rather quickly and soon enough the incision site will feel normal again.

You’ll Need To Limit Your Activity
Brow lifts only impact a small portion of your face so many patients think it’s alright to immediately get back out there, but you’ll still need to limit your activity for a few days. This doesn’t mean you’re confined to bed, but you should avoid heavy exercise and have someone around the house to help you with chores. You should slowly start introducing more activities back into your routine as you heal. And remember, if something really feels wrong don’t take any chances, stop the activity and talk to your surgeon.

So, there you have it. It’s unlikely that recovering from your brow lift will be the most challenging thing you ever do, but it never hurts to be prepared. Knowing what to expect will help your recovery process go smoothly, ensuring that you achieve the best results possible.

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