What To Expect From Thigh Lift Surgery

If you’re worried about the loose, sagging skin around your thighs then you aren’t alone. There is an ever-increasing pressure to have toned, tight legs with a strong contour. This has lead to thousands of women choosing to undergo thigh lift surgery to fix the problems that diet and exercise can’t.
Here’s what you can expect from the procedure:

What Is A Thigh Lift?
Thigh lifts are a procedure that reshapes the thighs, removing excess skin and fat. The result of this procedure is smoother, more contoured legs. This is done by creating an incision and removing the excess skin and fat with liposuction. Thigh lifts are generally performed under general anesthesia but in some cases, your doctor may use I.V. anesthesia.

The Different Types Of Thigh Lifts
The procedure is different depending on where your problem areas lie. The two most common procedures are inner thigh lifts and outer thigh lifts.

Inner thigh lifts target the inner thigh and involve an incision where your thigh meets your pubic area. First, your pubic area will be shaved. Then the area around your pelvis will be disinfected to further reduce the chance of infection.

Outer thigh lifts target the front and outer side of your thighs as well as the area around your buttocks. The incision is made right below your underwear line to prevent visible scarring.

In order to determine which procedure is right for you, it’s best to discuss your goals with your doctor.

Are You A Good Candidate For Thigh Lift Surgery?
There are many reasons why you might choose to have a thigh lift. Maybe you’ve lost weight and want to remove excess skin or maybe your skin has begun to sag through the natural process of aging. Either way, there are some problems that a healthy lifestyle simply can’t fix. No amount of dieting or exercise will remove excess skin.

It’s important to reiterate here that this procedure is no substitution for a healthy lifestyle. You’ll need to be able to maintain a steady weight in order for the procedure to be effective and being in poor health makes the surgery much riskier. That said, if you currently live a healthy lifestyle but still have issues with your thighs then a thigh lift may be exactly what the doctor ordered.

What’s The Recovery Process Like?
Thigh lifts are a serious procedure and recovery should be taken seriously as well. After your thigh lift, you’ll likely be prescribed at least a week of bedrest. Depending on how the procedure went and your overall health, you may need to use a bedpan to avoid walking to the bathroom.

After the first week, you will be able to resume some light activities, but sitting is still not permitted. After the second week you will be able to sit, and after the third, you should be cleared to drive. Many patients are able to resume their normal activities after six weeks but the results vary from person to person.

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