What You Should Know About Breast Reduction Surgery

Your breasts are an intensely personal part of your body, yet they are also highly visible to the outside world. It’s no surprise then that they can have a huge impact on your body image and self-esteem. If you simply feel like your breasts are too large or you’re experiencing physical pain associated with heavy and sagging breasts, it may be time to consider having a breast reduction.
Why Women Choose To Get A Breast Reduction
As a woman with disproportionately large breasts you may feel overly sexualized, have issues with back or shoulder pain, and have trouble buying clothes that fit. Smaller breasts can also be desirable for aesthetic reasons. An aesthetically pleasing body is all about proportion and a breast reduction provides many benefits in this regard including:

  • Perkier breasts
  • Enhanced symmetry
  • A more balanced figure

Really, what it comes down to is being comfortable in your body. If you subjectively feel that your breasts are too big and uncomfortable, that is all the reason you need for a breast reduction.

What Happens Before The Procedure
During your initial consultation you will discuss your medical history and your reasons for desiring a breast reduction. You’ll also discuss your size goals and how to prepare for the surgery itself. Breast reductions are a surgical procedure, so it’s important that you follow all of the pre-operative instructions. If you smoke you might be asked to quit prior to the procedure. You will also need to avoid certain medications like aspirin and other anti-inflammatory drugs for awhile.

Before the procedure you are also given the chance to try on ‘sizers’. These sizers will give you a better idea of what your breasts will look like post-procedure. Often women will come in with a size already in mind, but once they have a clearer idea of what the results will look like they decide on a different size.

What Happens During The Procedure
During the procedure you will either be given general anesthesia or sedated via I.V. Then a small incision is made just below the breast from which excess skin, tissue, and fat is removed. Afterwards the incision will be closed up with sutures, adhesive, or surgical tape and your breasts will be wrapped in gauze. The procedure can take anywhere from two to five hours on average and most patients are able to return home the same day.

Understanding The Recovery Process
It’s recommended that you take at least a week to recover, depending on how physically fit you are. That means taking some time off from work and other obligations. You can return to your normal life after that with a few exceptions. Physical activity should be avoided for at least a month and you should try to avoid sleeping on your stomach for as long as possible during recovery. Some pain in the breasts is normal after this procedure. Otherwise, serious complications from breast reduction surgeries are rare and the short recovery period is a small price to pay for the new you.

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