Which Of These 3 Brow Lifts Is Right For You?

Over time our skin inevitably becomes a little less plump, a little less elastic, and a little more saggy than we’d prefer. Some people feel comfortable with this change, some go their whole lives complaining and feeling less attractive than they’d like to, and a final group of people chooses to do something about it.
There are many different ways to achieve the look of a rejuvenated, tightened face. One one end of the spectrum are injectables which are a nonsurgical solution to aging skin. On the other end is the full facelift, and somewhere in the middle is a procedure commonly known as the Brow Lift. One of the most common complaints that lead patients to have this procedure is the apparent shortening of the distance between the eyebrows and eyelashes. Here are the facts about each type of this commonly used procedure.

1. Endoscopic
Endoscopic Brow Lift is the least invasive type of this procedure. During the surgery, your doctor makes several small incisions behind your hairline through which he inserts a camera and a suturing tool. He or she then gently lifts the forehead in several places and secures it into its new position. This creates the appearance of a tighter, lifted forehead and brow line.

2. Coronal
Unlike the Endoscopic procedure, the following two require more invasive surgery. During a Coronal lift, an incision is made along the top of the head and the forehead is pulled back until it overlaps the skin behind it at the point of the incision. The incision and subsequent scar tissue are then hidden behind the patient’s hair and invisible to the public after the procedure is done.

3. Hairline
Like the Coronal lift, the Hairline Brow Lift is done with an incision along the entire top of the head. But, in this case, the incision is made closer to the hairline. This version of the procedure is ideal for patients who have a receding hairline or those whose genetics might eventually result in one. Patients who undergo the Hairline lift can keep more of their scalp intact lifting the skin of the forehead and face.

Regardless of the type of brow lift your surgeon recommends, this specific procedure is well-liked because of its success in achieving the patient’s desired look. Day in and day out we encounter men and women who report feeling more confidence and higher self-esteem thanks to their own Brow Lift experience. If you’re ready to speak with a surgeon about your options, contact us today.