Why Body Sculpting Is A Great Non-Surgical Option

For people who wish to get rid of stubborn fat, liposuction and other surgical procedures are often the go-to cosmetic options that come to mind. However, not everyone has a desire to go the surgical route. This may be due to fears over general anesthesia, health concerns that may surgery difficult, or even worries about scarring. Regardless of the ultimate reasoning, body sculpting offers a way to target fat without surgery and many of the worries that come with it.
Here are some of the many pros to using body sculpting as an alternative to surgical fat removal methods.

Downtime And Recovery
Surgical methods of fat removal are often accompanied by a multitude of restrictions and downtime needed for recovery. One of the biggest benefits of body sculpting procedures is that downtime is typically nonexistent. Being able to get the results you need without needing to take off work or spend time recovering is something prized by patients everywhere. While every patient’s body is different, you can reasonably expect to be able to continue with your daily routine almost immediately after your treatment session is over.

Treatment Time
Another fantastic benefit is that most non-surgical body contouring procedures only take 30 minutes to complete. This relatively short appointment time means that you can get back to your busy day without interruption. Some patients even get their sculpting treatments on their lunch breaks and get right back to work with no difficulty at all. While 30 minutes is the treatment length for most options, some may take as long as an hour which is still quick compared to any surgical procedure. So if speed and ease of treatment are important to you, Body Sculpting is the way to go.

If you are looking for a non-invasive permanent fat removal option, then the array of non-surgical body contouring options are definitely what you are looking for. With no incisions during any procedure, scarring is not a problem you need to worry about. You can also add drains, compression garments, and severe pain to the list of things you won’t ever need to face after treatment. Anesthesia is also unneeded for most procedures, with local anesthesia generally only being used for injection lipolysis. A non-invasive approach to your body contouring desires may be the incentive you need to take the plunge and get started today.

Truly Natural Results
If results that don’t just look natural, but are natural is what you’re looking for, then Body Sculpting may be perfect for you. For each sculpting procedure, your own body disposes of the destroyed fat cells over time resulting in the most natural fat removal approach there is. As this takes place gradually, there are no sudden, jarring changes that can potentially give your body an unnatural appearance. Procedures that use heating or cooling are the most popular sculpting treatments performed and are very effective without the use of extras or any form of chemicals. While injection lipolysis utilizes an FDA approved chemical to destroy fat cells, all-natural treatments can be chosen to target those areas instead.

Getting rid of fat bulges and other fat deposits has never been easier and safer with the availability of Body Sculpting. Even if surgery is not currently an option or desire for you, our non-invasive body contouring may be. If you want more information on your non-surgical body contouring options or to schedule a consultation, contact us at the Florida Center For Plastic And Cosmetic Surgery today.