Body Sculpting

What is Body Sculpting?

Non-surgical body sculpting – also known as non-invasive body contouring – is a process where heat, cooling, or injected materials are used to reduce the fatty tissue in a problem area. As the name implies, this procedure does not involve surgery.
While it’s important to note that this minimally-invasive procedures should not be viewed as an alternative to liposuction, this option is ideal for those patients who are unwilling or unable to undergo surgery. ​Results may vary from person to person.

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The Procedure

Various technology is used in non-surgical body sculpting to achieve the desired results, including:

  • Cryolipolysis (also known as CoolSculpting)
  • Injection lipolysis (also known as Kybella)
  • Radio frequency lipolysis (also known as Vanquish)
  • Laser lipolysis (also known as SculpSure)

Injection lipolysis uses a chemical called deoxycholic acid to reduce fat cells. This compound is FDA-approved. The procedure is typically completed using general anesthesia. A measured amount of the compound is injected into the trouble area in a pre-marked grid pattern. In most patients, fat reduction is visible in about eight weeks. 

Radio frequency lipolysis uses radio frequency to heat the problem area fatty tissue. No medical instruments ever touch the skin during this procedure. Instead, an applicator heats the fatty tissue from a distance of one centimeter. This treatment takes about 30 minutes to complete.

Laser lipolysis heats fat cells using laser energy. This procedure is done without anesthesia. Your doctor will first assess the size and shape of the fatty tissue to be removed. The area is marked, and an applicator is applied. During this process, you may intermittent heating and cooling. This procedure typically takes about 30 minutes.

The Recovery

​There are no activity restrictions with any of these non-surgical body sculpting options, though you may experience initial bruising and swelling, which is normal. Your doctor may prescribe medication to address any swelling or pain. ​Results may vary from person to person.

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