4 Reasons Why Facelifts Are All The Rage

Within the last few decades, we have seen a significant shift in the public perception of plastic surgery. For years, as the plastic surgery industry thrived, we watched as celebrities, and public personalities kept silent about the individual choices about their bodies out of fear of shame or judgment. Thankfully, the times have changed. Today, people are boldly showing off the positive results of their plastic surgeries.

For years, breast augmentation was the most popular plastic surgery, with celebrities like Pamela Anderson bringing the image of augmented breasts to the forefront of popular culture. And while patients far and wide are still increasing their cup sizes, these days, the facelift has taken up the mantle of most popular cosmetic surgery. Once facelifts were perceived to produce unnatural-looking results, but today’s procedure is in a whole new category. Patients of all ages turn to the age-defying procedure to provide subtle, beautiful, and long-lasting results. If you’re curious about the procedure, we’ve created a list of four reasons we think it’s all the rage these days.

1. Look As Young As You Feel

Aging is inevitable, and as they say, it’s better than the alternative. But as modern medicine advances, our bodies continue feeling better and younger as we age. Naturally, we all want to look as young and vibrant as we feel for as long as possible. If it’s true that fifty is the new twenty, why not do what you can to look twenty for as long as possible? The facelift is universally popular because it can make patients look as young and vibrant as they feel inside. If your regular Botox isn’t cutting it any longer, talk to your plastic surgeon about a procedure that will take you back in years in no time.

2. Look Like Yourself

Over time, facelifts developed a reputation for leaving some patients faces looking a little too taut. It was easy to pick a facelift recipient out in a crowd, and that’s what held many people back from getting the procedure they really wanted. Thanks to modern surgical science, we send patients out into the world looking young and fresh without the fear of looking that unnatural. Today’s surgeries are more subtle, leaving patients looking like a younger version of themselves. You’re probably wondering what happened to create such a positive change. Surgeons are no longer stretching faces to the limits. Instead, they work with the skin and the underlying tissues to support the skin and create a supple and youthful appearance. If you want to look like a younger version of yourself, this is an excellent procedure to consider.

3. Results Are Long Lasting

Various injectable products plump up the face restoring a youthful look, but often they last only for a few months. Please call our office for more information about any of the short-term options we have to offer. But, when patients are looking for lasting, youth-enhancing results, we frequently recommend a facelifting procedure. Results for any surgical procedure vary between patients, but you can expect a full facelift to last up to 15 years. This factor makes getting a facelift worth the investment.

4. An Option For All Ages

Since the invention of plastic surgery, the public has put facelifts into the category of surgeries for older people. But something has changed in the culture. In 2019 one third of all facelifts were performed on people under the age of 54. People are no longer waiting until they are disappointed with their appearance to do something about it. Many younger patients are acting early to nip their sagging face skin in the bud. Getting a facelift at a younger age has its benefits. Since there are fewer symptoms of aging in play, when we perform this surgery on younger people, the results tend to be more natural and less drastic looking. Additionally, younger patients require more minor repositioning of the facial tissue leading to a more manageable recovery period. There is no perfect time for a facelift, but if you’re young and considering the surgery, there are definitely benefits it getting it early in life. 

The great thing about plastic surgery is that everyone’s needs and experiences are entirely different. We’re able to help patients just like you sculpt the appearance you want out of an already beautiful canvas. If it’s a long-lasting, youthful appearance that you’re looking for, the facelift might be the procedure for you. If you know the results you want but aren’t sure what surgery you’re looking for, we can curate an experience to help you get the results you want. Contact our office today to schedule a consultation, and we will help you get the beautiful results you’ve been dreaming of.