7 Major Benefits Of Breast Augmentation

Very few people are completely satisfied with their body. For some of us, this dissatisfaction permeates everything we do, from how we shop to how much we enjoy our vacations. Fortunately, when it comes to enhancing your appearance and restoring your self-confidence through plastic surgery you have more options than ever before. For women with smaller breasts, the go-to procedure is breast augmentation.
Here are seven benefits of this popular procedure:

1. You’ll Be More Confident
Unfortunately, society places a great deal of emphasis on the breasts. Women who don’t fit neatly into societal standards of beauty are made to feel insecure. You can’t change society overnight, but thanks to modern medical technology you can safely and convincingly change your appearance. Larger breasts can make you feel more feminine and attractive, which will lead to increased self-confidence.

2. It’ll Be Easier To Shop For Clothes
Women’s clothing is designed with an average chest size in mind. If you don’t fit this profile, then shopping for clothes that fit can be expensive, stressful, and even embarrassing. Bringing your breasts more in line with the average through augmentation makes shopping for clothes less demanding and more fun.

3. You’ll Have More Symmetrical Breasts
Most women experience some degree of breast asymmetry. For some, it’s barely noticeable. For others, it can be a major source of self-doubt. Breast augmentations are typically done to enlarge the breast, but they also make your breasts more symmetrical.

4. You’ll Restore A Youthful Appearance
Aging is hard on the body. Your breasts aren’t immune to this. Many women find that their breasts begin to shrink and lose firmness as they get older. A breast augmentation can help restore some of the size and firmness that your breasts had when you were younger.

5. Your New Breasts Will Look Natural
One of the questions that many women considering this procedure have is: Will people know that my new breasts are “fake”? Truthfully, there will be little to differentiate your new breasts from natural breasts. For the most part, they will look — and more importantly feel — like breasts. Depending on how much you change your size those close to you may notice, but a stranger on the street or a new romantic partner won’t know the difference.

6. There Are Few Risks
Breast augmentations have come a long way from where they were 20 or even 10 years ago. When performed by an experienced plastic surgeon using the latest tools and techniques there are virtually no serious risks. They also last longer than ever. For a modern silicone gel implant, the median lifespan is estimated to be 16 years. That’s over a decade and a half of increased self-confidence.

7. You’ll Be Satisfied
You may be worried about regretting the procedure. After all, you’re changing such a fundamental part of your body. The statistics say that this is highly unlikely. A study from the American Society of Plastic Surgeons showed that 98% of women who went through with their breast augmentation were satisfied.

Ultimately, your reasons for getting any cosmetic procedure are your own. You don’t have to justify it to anyone but yourself and your plastic surgeon. If you believe that breast augmentation could improve your confidence and quality of life then it’s never too early to get the ball rolling. Please, contact us at the Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery today to set up a consultation.