Popular Body Sculpting Myths Debunked

The world of cosmetic surgery is constantly evolving as new techniques and technologies become available. There are several different body sculpting procedures and 4 that we offer in our practice. Those are CoolSculpting, Kybella, Vanquish, and SculpSure. You can visit our office or review our website for more information about these specific procedures. 

When new patients come into our office with interest in a body sculpting procedure they often have a similar set of assumptions. Some of their assumptions are true, and others are not. We’ve found there are tons of myths going around about these procedures, so we’re here to debunk them. 

It’s Ideal For Weight Loss

The idea that all one would only have to do to undergo a surgical procedure to achieve their weight loss goals is thrilling. Unfortunately, it’s not realistic. Body sculpting is an umbrella term for a series of procedures that patients can get as a last resort when other fat reduction techniques aren’t working. For example, when a patient has worked hard using traditional weight loss methods like diet and exercise and still can’t eliminate the pesky fat on their legs or tummy. In these cases, body sculpting is an ideal next step. If you have been working hard to transform your body and need some help getting all the way, we can help

The Treatments Are Permanent

This myth is partly true. Technically, when you undergo body sculpting your plastic surgeon will target specific pockets of fat for treatment. Once your fat cells are treated by heat, cold, or chemicals they are processed and excreted from your body permanently. However, while the treatment of individual fat cells is permanent, your results may not be. As mentioned above, these procedures are used to eliminate stubborn areas of fat after a patient has already tried other things like diet and exercise. In the same way that you can’t body sculpt your way into weight loss, it isn’t a shield against poor decisions you make in the future. So yes, technically body sculpting is permanent, but only in so much as you maintain a healthy lifestyle and avoid extreme weight gain.

It’s Always Painful

The truth is, all body sculpting is different, and some techniques are more invasive than others. However, techniques like CoolSculpting, which targets problematic fatty areas by freezing them, are completely non-invasive. If avoiding pain is your primary concern, a conversation with your plastic surgeon will help you understand the potential discomfort associated with each treatment type for your specific problem areas.

We Only Treat Your Stomach

Contrary to popular belief, body sculpting is for more than just trimming down the extra fat from your belly. While it is very successful at treating patients with a little bit of extra weight on their midsection, body sculpting techniques are used in all different areas of the body. From your chin, chest, and arms, to your back, thighs, and buttocks, these techniques are used to rid patients of stubborn fat cells all over their bodies. All body sculpting techniques are different and your plastic surgeon can help you determine which is ideal for you considering the area you want to treat.

The Results Are Immediate

If you’re looking for immediate results, body sculpting is not the procedure for you. The way body sculpting works is by using either cold, heat, or chemicals to treat fat cells. Once treated, those cells that are treated die and are eventually flushed out by the body. This entire process takes time. Depending upon the type of body sculpting you get, it can take months to see the final results. In most cases, early results are visible within four to eight weeks and final results are visible within six months. If you’re interested in long-term, low impact results body sculpting may be the ideal treatment for you.

It’s Way Too Expensive

It’s difficult to say whether or not body sculpting procedures are expensive because the way you use that term varies depending upon your personal budget. However, we can say confidently that the results you get from body sculpting are well worth the money. To achieve such targeted fat loss without having to go through a long, difficult recovery process is part of the reason so many clients are opting for these treatments over traditional surgical options. If you’re unsure about investing in a body sculpting procedure, we’d urge you to consider the cost of alternatives. We think you’ll find it much less costly than you think.

Body sculpting is a growing trend in the world of cosmetic surgery because it’s accessible and effective for patients of all backgrounds. There is no end in sight for this trend. We hear all kinds of myths about these and other procedures and we find that the best argument against them is the positive results experienced by our other clients. If you are interested in learning more about body sculpting or scheduling a consultation with a member of our team, contact us today.