6 Ways To Prepare For Your Tummy Tuck

When people ask about cosmetic procedures they are often focused on the recovery period. That’s perfectly natural. You want to know what your life is going to be like during those few weeks. However, you should keep in mind that the weeks before your procedure are just as important. Your actions then will have a big impact on how well the procedure goes.
Here are 6 things that you should be doing to prepare for your tummy tuck.

1. Create A Support Network
You’re going to need some help after your procedure. You’ll need to have friends or family around for the first week to help you lift things and get around. So, have someone waiting to drive you home after the procedure and someone who can stay with you, or at least come check in each day, during the first week or so of your recovery.

2. Stop Smoking
You want to be as healthy as possible before your procedure. Smoking can interfere with your ability to recover and may cause issues during the procedure as well. All in all, it’s best to avoid smoking entirely in the months surrounding your surgery. That includes the preparation period before and the recovery period after.

3. Avoid Certain Medications
When you consult with your plastic surgeon they’ll give you a list of medications to avoid in the weeks leading up to your surgery. This includes OTC blood thinners such as Motrin and aspirin as well as certain prescription medications. You should take this list very seriously, as some medications can dramatically increase the risk that something will go wrong during your procedure. You should also be sure to inform your surgeon of all the medications that you’re currently taking. They’ll be able to tell you for sure whether they’re safe or not.

4. Maintain Your Weight
You should already be around your ideal weight before your procedure. Because of this, it’s not recommended that you lose any more weight. Your body needs all of the energy it can get in order to recover. Rapidly losing weight will compromise this. It goes without saying that you should also try to avoid rapidly gaining weight. It’s okay to fluctuate a little bit — that would be nearly impossible to avoid — but try to stay within 2-3 lbs of your current weight

5. Temper Your Expectations
Shortly before the procedure, you may start to get really excited (and probably a bit nervous as well). That’s great. It’s important to maintain a positive attitude both before and after, but you should also keep your expectations realistic. You won’t look completely different overnight. It will take time to see the full extent of the results and the changes are often subtle. It won’t make you a new person, but it will help you become the best you.

6. Talk To Your Surgeon
Should you have any questions regarding your upcoming procedure, don’t hesitate to get in touch with your surgeon. You want to go into this as prepared as possible. This preparedness will ensure that the surgery itself goes off without a hitch and that you get the best results possible.

When it comes to a tummy tuck the most important thing is finding the right cosmetic surgeon. You want someone who can balance professionalism with compassion. For more information please contact us at the Florida Center for Plastic and Cosmetic Surgery.